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Snow & Ice Services

MTL Property Maintenance contractors keeps property streets and parking lots clean and safe during and following a snowfall by plowing roadways and using chemical treatments that melt snow and ice on the pavement.

Please contact us today for a free estimate on how we can provide your company or business outstanding snow & ice management services in the Michiana area. MTL Property Maintenance Contractors are “The Clear Choice” for all your snow & ice removal needs.

  • 24 Hour Snow Removal Service, 7 days a week

  • Snow Plowing, 1″ & 2″ Snow Removal Triggers

  • Zero Tolerance Services available

  • De-Icing & Salt Applications

  • Timely Snow Management Service

  • Sidewalk Clearing of both Ice and Snow

  • Sidewalk Ice-Melt (Concrete Safe, less corrosive ice melt)

  • Treated Rock Salt (safer)

  • Parking Garage Snow Removal

  • We are a Fully Insured Snow & Ice Management Company


We provide snow removal services for a variety of businesses, including:


  • Hospitals

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Corporate Office Buildings

  • Retail Shopping Centers

  • School Districts

  • Government Buildings

  • Industrial Properties

  • Retail Stores

  • Apartment & Condominium Complexes

  • Retirement Communities

  • Recreational Parks

  • 24 Hour Accessibility – Never get an answering machine when you have a need for service. We are only a phone call away.

  • Prompt Invoicing

  • You can be in constant contact with your Route Managers

  • Our Knowledgeable Staff

  • MTL Property Maintenance staff have more than 60 years combined experience

  • MTL Property Maintenance has been servicing the Michiana area since 1999

  • Monitoring your property conditions


Our Reliability and Readiness:

  • All trucks and loaders are on a Communication Network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including Holidays.

  • On-site Salt Storage Facilities.

  • Offering Ice Slicer all-natural, high performance de-icer for raised parking decks and new concrete.

  • Access to salt depot’s strategically placed throughout Michiana -- we will not run out of salt!

  • Zero Tolerance – Increase safety and reduce liability.

  • Fully insured including general liability and auto insurance, as well as workers compensation.

  • Certified Meteorologists – we subscribe to multiple proven weather services giving us up to minute forecasts on weather conditions in addition to monitoring developing storms.

  • Blizzard Contingency – MTL Property Maintenance keeps your business open and accessible in the worst weather conditions.

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